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About FLing@JNU

Students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Centre for Linguistics, undertake field-based studies at the M.A., M.Phil. and PhD levels. Theoretical and experimental research at the Centre too is often supplemented with field linguistics. All of this has resulted in a vast corpus of linguistic data for a number of languages. This website is dedicated to collating these resources so that they are accessible to the Linguistics community at large, as well as to the language communities.

This website is a repository of five main kinds of documents.


Descriptive grammars These grammars and dictionaries of minority/endangered languages are the product of fieldwork done by students at the Centre either through the M.A. coursework or at the research level.

Legacy grammars This part of the website archives and hosts grammatical sketches that are written from the field-work reports submitted to the Centre over the years, as part of the Field-Methods course.  


Data archive This makes publicly accessible a range of linguistic data that has constituted the basis for M.Phil and PhD dissertations. 


Resources This consists of downloadable M.Phil. and PhD dissertations that have used field linguistics as a component of the investigation, tutorials related to aspects of linguistic fieldwork, questionnaires and other elicitation instruments.

JNU Langscape An endeavour by the students of the Centre to document the linguistic diversity of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, JNU Langscape is conducted every six years. This section of the website presents the data collected at Langscapes, and makes public a selection of the many fascinating interviews. 

All resources on this site, except where mentioned otherwise, are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.

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