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Back on popular demand! Join us language enthusiasts for another round of talks on linguistic puzzles.

Inter-Genetic Contact-Induced Changes in Dhimal | Bornini Lahiri | MAY 1 [Handout]


Linguistic Human Rights and Tribal Education in India | Sujoy Sarkar | MAY 3 [Handout]

Asymmetry in Meetei | Meiraba Takhellambam| MAY 5 [Handout]

Chitkuli Verb Inflection 101| Shreya Mehta| MAY 7 [Handout]

Structural position of negation in Surati Gujarati| Kinjal Joshi| MAY 12 [Handout]

Morpho-syntactic influence on morpho-phonological well-formedness: A view through Meiteilon | Reena Ashem| MAY 10 [Handout]

An introduction to the linguistics of numeral systems| Mamta Kumari| MAY 14 [Handout]

Understanding the language variation of rural classrooms| Dripta Piplai| MAY 19 [Handout]

Classifier-less DPs in Bangla| Rupkatha Mukherjee| MAY 16 [Handout]

"Wait, where did you get this from?": Evidentiality in Gujarati| Sampada Deshpande | MAY 21 [Handout]

Interaction of phonological systems in Multilinguals| Reshma Jacob| MAY 24 [Handout]

The syntax of Sanskrit causatives| Adriana Molina Munoz| MAY 26 [Handout]

Reduplication and anaphors| Sreekar Ragotham| MAY 30 [Handout]

On the Assamese complementizer |Eshani Baishya| MAY 29 [Handout]

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