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The Gaddis are a community who are spread out across many parts of North India, particularly the state of Himachal Pradesh. In this northern state, the Gaddi community mainly inhabits the Ravi and Budil river basins in Bharmaur, and are also to be found scattered across Kangra, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu districts on the outer foothills of the Dhauladhar mountains as well as the fringes of the Pir Panjal ranges.

Fieldwork on Gaddi was conducted by two M.A. batches of the Centre for Linguistics, by the class of LE405L Field Methods of Monsoon 2013 and that of Monsoon 2015. The descriptive grammar presented here first took shape in the field reports written as part of Field Methods, Monsoon 2015. The Phonology, Syntax and Lexicon sections of the Gaddi descriptive grammar were drafted during the course LE465L “Writing Grammars” in the Winter Semester of 2016. 

LE465L Writing Grammars, Winter Semester 2016

Course Instructor:  Ayesha Kidwai

Students: Prativa Chakraborty, Henna Das, Sari Hamoud, Sakshi Kalra, Pinki Kumari, Preeti Kumari, Azzam Obaid, Anjali Nair, Bailochan Naik, Adrita Dutta Roy, Yangchen Roy, Vyom Sharma, Ravina Toppo

LE405L Field Methods, Monsoon Semester 2015

Course Instructors: Ayesha Kidwai and Hari Madhav Ray

Students: Sheeza Aslam, Asmaa Al-Haj Badran, Prativa Chakraborty, Sari Hamoud, Henna Das, Sakshi Kalra, Sanjeet Kumar, Pinki Kumari, Preeti Kumari, Shilpi Kumari, Anjali Nair, Bailochan Nayak, Azzam Obaid, Vishnu Prasad, Adrita Dutta Roy, Yangchen Roy, Vyom Sharma, Ravina Toppo, Kavita Yadav


LE405L Field Methods, Monsoon Semester 2013

Course Instructors: Anvita Abbi and Ayesha Kidwai

Students: Anupriya, Akanksha, Nisha Anand, Xiant Rehita Batubara, Sandhya Das, Reshma Jacob, Krishna Kumar, Neha Kumari, Kumari Mamta, Srijani Mondal, Shreya Mehta, Anujeema Saikia, Payal Sharotri, Kanshouwa Susie, Benika Tinkari, Prabhat Kumar Toppo, Parul Upadhyay, Vijay Vishal, Anna Yang

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