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How-Tos is a collection of informal and often short video or written descriptions of how to use linguistic tools like Praat, ELAN, FLex etc to accomplish certain tasks specific to the needs of field linguistics. These How-Tos are meant to help the novice, and thus may leave out details that are important to trained users. For more information about the software or the specific task, you must contact the respective content creators. 

Using Send Receive In FLEx 

This video is a demonstration of how to use Send Receive function in Language Explorer (FLEx).


Content Creator: R. Karthick Narayanan

Extracting Annotated Intervals using Praat

Extracting a large number of annotated intervals from annotated Praat files is a task most linguists have to do, sometimes on a daily basis. This task is time-consuming and cumbersome when done one at a time. It can be simplified many-fold if done using scripts. This How-To demonstrates a simple way to extract a large number of annotated intervals from a Praat annotation text grid using a Mietta Lennes Praat Script. The version of the script used in the video segments a LongSound file into small Wav sound files according to a selected tier in the TextGrid. The sound files are named after the corresponding TextGrid labels.  

Export Annotated Data from ELAN to Praat​

ELAN to Praat: This video demonstrates how to export annotated data from ELAN and import it to Praat.

Content Creator: R. Karthick Narayanan


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