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Langscape 2011

Langscape 2011 saw massive participation by the JNU community, as funding enabled us to set up a pandal at Sabarmati Dhaba (a prime location on JNU campus). The generosity of the CIIL in providing assistance in video documentation not only spurred participation by students,  it also provided us  rich documentation of the interviews that were conducted. Participants were asked to fill out the survey questionnaire, which can be found here, and were interviewed on camera.


Langscape 2011 shows that 215 languages were spoken by the 2110 people who took part in the survey. Only 6 respondents reported being monolingual. 227 respondents were bilingual, 518 were trilingual and the overwhelming majority of 1359 reported speaking more than three languages. The full list of languages reported as being spoken can be found here. 


A sense of how the survey proceeded and the outstanding quality of the discussion about languages can be gotten from the interviews conducted. We present a small selection.

Paite & Tangkhul speakers
Interviewed by Maansi Sharma, Bornini Lahiri & Meiraba Takhellabam 

Bengali-English-Hindi speaker
Interviewed by Bornini Lahiri

Sumi-Nagamese-Marathi-English speaker
Interviewed by Bornini Lahiri

Oriya-Telegu-Japanese speaker
Interviewed by Bornini Lahiri

Mizo-English speaker
Interviewed by Maansi Sharma & Sudhanshu Shekhar

Marwari-Hindi speaker

Interviewed by Bornini Lahiri

Ladakhi-English-Hindi-Urdu speaker
Interviewed by Maansi Sharma

Dogri-Hindi-English speaker

Interviewed by Maansi Sharma 

Arabic-Persian-Awadhi-Hindi-Urdu speaker

Interviewed by Sudhanshu Shekhar ​​

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