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Legacy Grammars

If you would like to join the FLing@JNU Legacy Grammars project, email us at

Since the mid-1980s, students in the Master's programme have studied various minority languages in the Field Linguistics course. These include Angika, Awadhi, Bagri, Bangani, Bodo, Chattisgarhi, Dhundani, Garhwali, Kharia, Khasi, Konkani, Kumaoni, Kurux, Marwari, Nyishi, Pnar, Rajbanshi, Rangboli, Sadri, Sambalpuri, Santali, and Tinkar Lo. The results of this coursework were presented in the form of field reports submitted for evaluation and a corpus of sentences. In this section of the website, we shall attempt to use this legacy material to extract grammatical sketches of the languages, and share the corpus and texts available. 

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