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Teaching Linguistics Online in India

Universities across the world have been forced to shutdown their classrooms and switch to an online mode of teaching during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has presented new challenges for instructors, especially those teaching an online course for the first time. With over two semesters of experience now(as of June 2021), each of us has come up with mechanisms and approaches for effective teaching.

TEACHING LINGUISTICS ONLINE IN INDIA workshop aimed to discuss, develop and share instructional strategies for teaching linguistics online. This workshop aimed to answer some of these following questions:


  • Which strategies have proved successful and which have not?

  • Which tools have proved useful?

  • Given the specific demands of the different subfields of linguistics, how may we impart the analytic and technological skills needed for each subfield?

  • How can the teaching of the more empirical courses like 'field linguistics' courses be approached?

To explore the possibilities to these challenges, around 70 teachers and instructors of linguistics from across the subcontinent participated in an online workshop ‘TEACHING LINGUISTICS ONLINE IN INDIA’ on June 5th 2021. The white paper that was subsequently prepared is attached below.

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