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Agreement processing in Hindi | Sakshi Bhatia | APRIL 9 [Handout]

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Zoomdemic is a virtual talk series on interesting language puzzles, exclusively tailored for MA students of Linguistics. The copyright of the handouts and the contents of the talks lies with the respective speakers.

Root of the problem | Anjali Nair | APRIL 1 [Handout]

Queer linguistics in the Indian subcontinent and the question of gender | Enakshi Nandi | APRIL 3 [Handout]

Inside the world of children's pronouns | Yangchen Roy | APRIL 6 [Handout]

Semantic implications: testing them with the Hindi '-to' particle | Ojaswee Bhalla | APRIL 8 [Handout]

Agreement processing in Hindi | Sakshi Bhatia| APRIL 8 [Handout]

Enregistering neutral accents: an ethnography of prescription as social practice in Indian BPO accent training | Kristina Nielsen | APRIL 10 [Handout]

Packaging of 'information blocks' and movement | Lalit Rajkumar |APRIL 13 [Handout]

Understanding language endangerment | R Karthick Narayanan |APRIL 15 [Handout]

Closest conjunct agreement |Nupur Asher |APRIL 17 [Handout]

The language of propaganda (Part I)| Ritesh Kumar |APRIL 18 [Handout]

The language of propaganda (Part II)| Ritesh Kumar |APRIL 18 [Handout]

Case in Indo-Aryan| Sakshi Singh |APRIL 19 [Handout]

No means no? Multiple negation markers in Wagdi| Vyom Sharma |APRIL 20 [Handout]

Processing of Syntactic Ambiguity : Psycholinguistics of L2 Learning | Sari Hamoud |APRIL 20 [Handout]

Beyond 50 words for 'snow: Puzzles in bilingual lexicography| Janani K |APRIL 23 [Handout]

Tibeto-Burman-Dravidian Connection? Adjectives in Magar and Malayalam| Hima S | APRIL 21 [Handout]

Types of ellipsis in Tamil | Rajamathangi S |APRIL 24 [Handout]

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